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Both my WHEEL OF FORTUNE and RESUME DEVELOPMENT processes open your eyes to the world of possibilities out there that you may not have dreamed were possible. They provide a way for you to discover your passion, where your real talents lie, and then show you how to take that passion and move forward with it in a way that is energizing and productive. The real icing on the cake is that the work you will do, on your own and with me, is really a lot of fun.

I have fourteen years of experience developing focused strategies with directional counselling, resume development, outplacement counselling. I assist clients who are planning to retire as well as those struggling to find their rightful place in the world of work, be they young or in mid-life.

In 1993 I joined Drake Beam Morin, a leader in Career Management,and managed that office from 1998-2005. I was also the Dean of Students at Saint Mary's College, Raleigh from 1988-1992

I hold a Bachelors Degree from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame; and Masters Degrees from both the University of Notre Dame and Seattle University.

I am affiliated with the West Raleigh Rotary Club; RTP Chapter of Association of Psychological Type; The Wild Wacky Wonderful Women of the World; Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels of Wake County.

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Wild Wacky Wonderful Women of the World

Wild Wacky Wonderful Women of the World

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