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It's been not quite two years since I worked with you. I finished my doctorate and I am consulting.
The director of one of the organizations recently asked me to describe my consulting niche to which I smoothly responded that "I work with entrepreneurs and on innovative projects that are focused on making a positive societal impact. I am the systems / process / methods person who helps them figure out how to make their vision a reality." (He's an entrepreneur and I'm streamlining their data collection and storage systems, so he got it).
Every time I get a positive response on my revised resume or find myself giving the elevator pitch of what I do, I think of you with gratitude. I am certain these are my strengths and what I am meant to be doing, and that makes all the difference! It's amazing how easy something is to communicate when it's on-target. In addition, as I mentioned to the colleague today, I have found it easy not just to say "no" to things that don't fit, but to explain what I want to do. And THAT has led to some work referrals.
In a nutshell, THANK YOU again! I know I said that when we finished working together but that was before I had the chance to use any of what I had learned.
Best to you,

Kim Wilson, DrPH, MPIA
Consultant, Austin Texas

I found Mardi as I was making some significant life and professional changes. She has been a godsend! After two careers in the legal field, I was ready for a major career change away from the legal world, over to the business world. Through the “Career Wheel” process, Mardi helped me understand not only what direction I should go, but also what kind of place I need to look for, so that I can find the best match in a place that will make me happy and nourished in my professional life. She also helped me translate my professional, legal skill set into a vocabulary that business people can relate to. It was very hard work, but I really enjoyed working with Mardi! Next, Mardi helped me produce a resume that showcased the skills we focused on in the Career Wheel. Resume writing is not what it used to be. Help is required! With Mardi’s coaching, I focused hard on my past accomplishments so that I can demonstrate what difference I made in my past work. I am very pleased with the result! Mardi is aces! She knows her stuff AND she’s really enjoyable to work with.

Charlie Madison
Miami Beach, FL
Formerly General Counsel, Progress Energy in Raleigh

Finding Mardi was kismet. Her process and insights were exactly what I needed to hone in on what my post-doctoral degree career will be. Through her assessments, which alone were worth her fee, and guidance, I was able to define my job-related values and preferences; identify the value-add that I bring to organizations; and pull out from a diverse 15 years of work experience those aspects that I really enjoy and at which I excel, to create a position that is perfect for me. And equally important, I am also crystal clear on what roles are NOT right for me, which allows me to not waste time or energy considering them.
I was a remote client and we met over the phone; the process worked smoothly despite the distance. I highly recommend Mardi to anyone who is unhappy in their current role or is considering making a career change.

Kim Wilson, Austin TX

Thanks Mardi, for the Career Wheel Process...your Wheel of Fortune.
I have a business development rule that all my prospective business partners do your Career Wheel work otherwise I will not partner. This piece is essential in attracting and maintaining healthy business partnerships. Thank you so much for your incredible time, talent, and stick to itiveness. You get the job done girl, and at the end it all makes sense
Very much thankful!

Lisa Danielson, Business Development Leader and Entrepreneur Austin, Texas

I was looking for someone to help me uncover what my true interests and hopes would be in a career, and I was too cloudy with my own present job to do it myself. Mardi worked with me by phone, and even though we never met and were miles apart, she was able to walk side by side with me while we discovered the truths that I needed to know to make a transition to something I will love.

Christine James, Fundraiser Cincinnati, OH

Virtual Delivery - all sessions were by phone
I have never had to craft a resume. I thought I was going in the right direction, but your insights, comments and counsel prove to me that there is a reason to engage people with your talent and experience. My resume is a much better representation of me and my unique skill set now that you have assisted me with it. GREAT stuff. I bow to your awesomeness with resumes.

Matt Smith, Business Development Professional Apex, NC

Ms. Hack, working with you was an enjoyable and enlightening experience that I would recommend to any higher school student interested in exploring their college and career options or just learning more about themselves. The assessments really helped me identify my personal values, and you guided me in relating these values to the type of college atmosphere I would enjoy. I learned a lot about different careers and explored what I need to be happy and successful in any type of work environment. Combining my interests and values in the Wheel of Fortune has made me more focused and will be very helpful in college as I pursue my course of study. Thanks again for everything. I started doing some of the research about potential careers and it all looks so interesting! It has been such a great experience working with you and I have really learned a lot.

Diana Woodall, 12th Grade Student, Cary Academy

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mardi Hack. She was extremely patient with me throughout our work sessions as she helped me narrow down my experience and desires into a concise presentation. I definitely gained clarity and focus and my resulting resume clearly reflects that now in a very powerful way. Her suggestions and feedback were challenging and excellent. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to understand how to identify their own strengths, desires and talents and then package those into a powerful job description.

Doug Wilson, President, Artizon, LLC

Mardi is simply the best at what she does, which is to help people discover who they are and where they want to go. Mardi helped me discover my entrepreneurial self and gave me the confidence to take the leap and start my own technology company,www.cipherOptics.com . She also helped me write a professional resume, which has been invaluable over time.

Dennis Toothman, CTO and Founder, CipherOptics Inc

Mardi Hack has helped countless professionals rediscover their natural talents, articulate how these talents add value, learn how to deploy those strengths in meaningful roles in organizations. Her career coaching is wise, direct, and with a good dose of humor. I’d recommend Mardi to anyone seeking to make a career change, or to any young person who needs more clarity for right choices in education or professional pursuits.

Steve Dawson, Director People and Organization, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries Inc.

Awareness is the first step of change. The Career Road Map Wheel made me more aware of my values, competence, motives, and desired work activities. The road map then provided a plan that turned my passion for performance improvement into my own profitable business – a dream I wasn’t aware I could accomplish.

Sue Button, Owner The Button Group, Inc.

  After nearly 30 years working in a senior management position within the pharmaceutical community, I accepted a layoff package which gave me the opportunity to reassess my life, my talents and my future; ultimately this was my opportunity to start anew. The greatest problem I had was finding my true strengths and focusing those strengths into a direction toward a new career. By working with Mardi and her WHEEL OF FORTUNE, I was able to find my passion, see where my true talents lie and position myself to take advantage of those strengths. It was an eye-opening experience that gave me the confidence to launch my new career as a successful Medical Commercial Real Estate Broker.
Thanks, Mardi, for your sometimes brutal honesty. You were exactly what I needed!

Deborah Harrell Meehan

I had the pleasure of working with Mardi many years ago while in career transition. Her thought provoking questions and on-going guidance were the perfect coaching to move me along the path to successful Entrepreneurship.
About 18 months ago, Mardi introduced me to her “Wheel of Fortune” program. I was impressed with the series of assessments and coaching sessions which reinforced my direction with the business. I was so excited by the value of this program that my company APLS Group has entered into a collaborative agreement to offer this program in partnership with Mardi.
Mardi’s knowledge, professionalism and sincere caring of others makes her a fabulous and brilliant career coach. I would recommend her highly to anyone!

Nanci Appleman-Vassil, MA, NCC,  President/Chief Learning Officer,  APLS Group

  Working with Mardi was a fantastic experience—both fun and enlightening. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until someone as skilled as Mardi asks those key questions. As a result of this process I am much more focused and efficient about finding projects and contracts that are an excellent fit for me. In addition, my resume now jumps off the page and truly speaks to my skills and talents.

Kerstin Ohlander, Organizational Development Specialist, Non-Profits

  I found the process for career assessment extremely helpful. The tools and consultation provided by Mardi really helped me clarify a career direction. Once the direction was clear it was easy to write a resume that highlighted the competencies that I want to continue to use to pursue an ideal next job.

Cathy McKillip

  Deciding to step back and assess my career path up to this point and consider the direction I want to take during the second half, I thought it prudent to seek professional guidance. Mardi came highly recommended, and she did not disappoint. Her assessment tools and extensive experience provided exactly what I needed during this highly personal, introspective process. I re-affirmed who I am and the skills and experience I most want to promote moving forward, while also getting very clear on what is no longer a fit for me regardless of how well I seem to wear it. Regardless of where you are in your career, putting this kind of investment into YOU is a guaranteed high rate of return.

Jennifer Setzer, Strategic Leader & Executive Coach

  APLS Group

APLS Group

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