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My Career Assessment process allows you to select and reflect on the 5 most important things in your world right now; and then relate those things to how you see yourself in relation to those values; how you speak about what you believe in your work environment; what you perceive to be the things about your work that gives you energy and what steals your energy from you; and finally what your true competencies are. What you end up with is a picture of what one week of work looks like from the perspective of: what you are capable of doing (can demonstrate with a real accomplishment base) what you like to do (many times we continue doing what we do not like to do...because we just keep choosing those things over and over) and what you are willing to continue to do for approximately the next few years (the average life of most jobs is 3-5 years)
  9 Assessments
to get you started

2 value based assessments
1 personal image identification
1 communication exercise
1 assessment of energy / passion (and lack thereof)
1 assessment of interests leading to competency
2 assessments that help you measure your real competency (these become the basis of the job you are seeking)

The assessments will take you 4 -6 hours of your time . You do the assessments at home on your own.

  3 Hours of Consulting
to get you where you want to be

We work together once you have completed the 9 assessments. It can be done in 1 two hour session plus the 1 hour wrap up which is the finale
or 2 one hour sessions and then the 1 hour finale.

  1 Flat Fee
  APLS Group

APLS Group

Wild Wacky Wonderful Women of the World

Wild Wacky Wonderful Women of the World

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